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New CSO and managing director at Creapaper

The former Aldi Süd Central Purchasing Director is taking over as Chief Sales Officer at the green tech company Creapaper. Her focus will be on expanding the sustainable and functional grass paper product portfolio.

Thull takes a key role for the next development steps at Creapaper. The company famous for supplying sustainable grass fibre as a raw material has in recent months been working increasingly hard on promoting sales of its own grass paper products. “I am used to thinking in portfolios and see grass paper as having huge potential in major segments such as tissue, service packaging and single-use products – and therefore for making those segments more sustainable”, says Thull.


Thull was at Aldi Süd until 2017, where she became Central Purchasing Director for Germany in 2011 and sat on the board of management from 2003. At Creapaper, Thull is now seeking to drive forward strategic product ranges and a set product portfolio for national and international key accounts.

Willi Mannheims from the venture capital investor eCAPITAL believes Thull is the perfect choice for CSO. “We are very pleased that Jeannette Thull is now supporting Creapaper with her extensive retail experience in the relevant target segments. With its strategic range of products, Creapaper can now reach out more effectively to the retail product sector to scale CO2-saving grass paper solutions internationally.”


Creapaper already markets grass paper products as an ecological alternative to chemical wood pulp products and plastic products affected by an EU ban.

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