Grasspaper Product Information

Welcome to the World of Grasspaper

For our grasspaper we replace part of the wood pulp or recyclingpaper with grass fibre and thus actively contribute to climate protection: #everytreecounts! The production of grass fibre saves more than 99 % water and up to 95 % CO2 emissions. And we do not need any chemicals.






Below you can download all relevant technical data of our new grasspaper material:
Datenblatt CreaClassic 003 50-150gsm
Datenblatt CreaClassic 002 60-100gsm
Datenblatt CreaClassic RE-004 80-90gsm
Datenblatt CreaClassic 003 150-275gsm
Datenblatt CreaGC 003 350 gsm
Datenblatt CreaUC 003 300-500gsm