Welcome to the world of creapaper

We developed an innovative patented production process to use grass as a new raw material in paper production. To create sustainable grasspaper, we combine our grass fibre with either wood or recycled pulp. This saves large amounts of water, energy and CO2.

With grasspaper companies present themselves in an eye-catching way while at the same time protecting the environment.

A lot has happened from the first handmade sheet of grasspaper in 2013. We have experimented, adapted, put our “green idea” on track for industrial use. Today, our grass fibre raw material can be used on any paper machine. In close collaboration with the industry, we develop beautiful and sustainable grasspaper applications, from hygiene and graphic paper to folding boxes and cardboard packaging. Grasspaper saves trees and helps to further reduce climate-damaging emissions.

Our vision
is our mission

Our vision

We will make a decisive change to the use of resources in the millennia-old tradition of papermaking, whilst introducing grass alongside wood pulp and recycled paper as the world’s third most important raw material for the production of paper. This is our work, our passion, our commitment. And in thirty years’ time, history books will read, ‘Back in the days when paper was still made from trees …!’

Our mission

We love Mother Earth.
We believe in a future on this planet.
We assume responsibility for our children, our children’s children and our children’s children’s children.
This is why we are disseminating the idea of using grass as a raw material for the paper industry all over the world.
This is our contribution to Mother Earth and her children.
What’s yours?


Red Herring Top 100 Global 2022

Named by the renowned American magazine Red Herring as one of the 100 most promising and innovative companies globally.

Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2019

Named by the renowned American magazine Red Herring as one of the 100 most promising and innovative companies in Europe.

European Commission 2018

Awarded the Seal of Excellence and a grant of approx. EUR 1.9 million by the European Commission to promote the further development of grass paper technology.

IKU 2017 (awarded 2018)

Germany’s most prestigious climate and environmental distinction, awarded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation as well as the Federation of German Industries.

GreenUp Invest 2017

Distinction awarded by the BAND German Business Angel Network and the National Climate Initiative for the promotion of green start-up financing.

KfW Entrepreneur Award 2017

Through its renowned competition, the KfW banking group distinguishes young companies from all over Germany that deserve public recognition for their concepts.

Start Green Award 2016

A renowned award for the pioneers of the German green economy under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation in addition to the National Climate Protection Initiative.


ProSieben Galileo: The superpowers of the new material grass paper (German)

Whether an online retailer or a local delivery service, they all need paper and cardboard to transport their goods. But now, the world of paper is being completely revolutionised – with paper made of grass.

ZDF Plan B: My Money Is Doing Good – Grass Paper (German)

A report by ZDF on the financing of grass paper at Creapaper GmbH.

Greentec Trailer: Creapaper Graspapier 2018 (English Subtitle)

KfW Entrepreneur Award 2017 National Winner Creapaper (German)

The contribution of the national winner of the KfW Award.

3sat Nano 2017: Report about grass paper (German)

Grass instead of wood - the most environmentally friendly paper in the world (German)