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Doing good with sustainable gifts

We proudly present the Charity Edition of our “Graspapiershop”, created in cooperation with Obstkäppchen. This will sure have an effect! With every purchase, we donate to Obstkäppchen to fight poverty among the elderly.

Grasspaper is particularly environmentally friendly, with a very special, natural look and feel. During the production of our grass fibre, we realise high savings of water and CO2. At the same time, we need less pulp from wood or recycled paper, good for us and our forests. In addition to our “normal green business”, we want to socially engage. That’s why our Graspapiershop provides the packaging material for Obstkäppchen’s food donations to the elderly. Some team members had also been able to actively support the distribution as helping hands are always needed for packing, loading and delivery.

As we wondered how to inspire and mobilize more people to support this great project, the idea of our charity edition was born. Together with Obstkäppchen the Graspapiershop team created beautiful designs on grasspaper notebooks, drinking bottles and beeswax cloths that do double good: they put a smile on the face of both, the recipient and the senior citizens.

With every purchase of our Charity-Edition we donate and support Obstkäppchen!


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