Where ideas grow

Grasspaper can be used to make fantastic products, whether sustainable packaging solutions or exciting promotional concepts with creaseed. Our motto is ‘There’s no such thing as impossible!’ When we’re unleashed to find new, sustainable ideas for our customers, there’s really no stopping us. Let’s inspire you with our passion. One thing’s for sure, whether direct mailing, trade fair promotion, customer loyalty measures or calendars, our next ingenious idea for you is already germinating in our minds …

We supply numerous international agencies and renowned brands with everything they need for effective customer communication. You can expect solutions that are innovative and sustainable in equal measure.

Our expert, passionate team is on hand to take care of your creative projects. As a promotion partner, our range of services is extremely diverse and stretches from simple production based on your specifications to the development of new product ideas to guarantee a sustainable brand identity. We believe in the ‘good old virtues’ and therefore place utmost importance on smooth work flows through predictive planning and compliance with all deadlines and commitments. You could say we’re the most creative nerds you’ll ever come across – with the liveliest paper in the world.

Natural mailing ideas

We focus on the production of innovative mailing enhancers, and in their creation, we often take our inspiration from everyday things. CREASEED is both an excellent example of this and a portfolio classic – it involves processing germinable plant seeds in natural paper. In order to ensure your message is effectively portrayed, there are over 130 different types of plant seeds to choose from.

But alongside our ‘talking paper’, our factory produces several other unique, natural printed products. Whether you’d like to send your customers printable beeswax pillar candles for Christmas or a holiday postcard with real sand to get people in the mood for summer days on the beach, we’re on hand to make it all possible.

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