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creapaper receives eCAPITAL growth financing to meet rising demand for grasspaper

creapaper GmbH, developer of sustainable raw material solutions for the paper industry, has successfully completed the investment round led by eCAPITAL. creapaper has developed an additional, sustainable alternative to conventional wood pulp using grass fibres, thus enabling the production of paper with a more economical and ecological raw material compared to virgin fibre pulp.

Uwe D’Agnone, founder and managing director of creapaper, had the idea of using grass or hay instead of wood as a raw material to enable more sustainable paper production. After countless tests and innovations with alternative fibres, grass emerged as the most economically and ecologically beneficial solution compared to the conventional raw material of wood.

Protected by patents, a marketable process is now available that completely renounces the use of chemicals. As things stand today, up to 50% of all wood pulp ever used could be replaced. This would represent a CO2 saving of up to 75% in paper production. The Creapaper innovation thus revolutionises the paper industry – after all, it allows practically every small and large production plant in the world to produce paper with up to 50% grass content.

‘Thanks to the support of eCAPITAL, we have been able to expand our business development and meet the demand of our customers for genuinely ‘green’ paper and paper products,’ explains Uwe D’Agnone, managing director at Creapaper.

‘We’re especially amazed at how quickly the patented Creapaper technology has led to high market demand and customer and partner acquisition. With Creapaper, we have expanded our portfolio to include a truly innovative and sustainable company. This is also confirmed by the recently awarded KFW Entrepreneur Award,’ adds Willi Mannheims, managing partner at eCAPITAL.



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